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Top Features

1Gantry Framework: A new framework / structure, that provides a more modern, efficient and cross-platform foundation for our themes. Features range from the intuitive and dynamic administrative interface, to the 960 grid system, full RTL support, inbuilt GZip compression and much more.

2Eight Preset Styles: An array of 8 stunning, unique, and professionally designed style variations, in combinations of Low, Medium & High levels for each variant. You can customise the preset styles via the Gantry administrative control panel, editing link color, font family and other stylistic elements with ease.

3Advanced Menu: Kinetic offers a powerful assortment of menus to chose from. Select from either: the Fusion Menu, a javascript / Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu system, SEO compatible and user friendly; and the versatile and flexible Splitmenu, a static sublevel based menu system (3 level modes with Kinetic).

Core Template Features

Below is a list of the core template features which pertain to this release.

  • RTL Support
    RTL support from Gantry in its grid system, as well as RTL support in the Fusion menu, in conjunction with the template itself such as the breadcrumbs, content typography and widget styling.
  • 20 Widget Hilites
    20 widget hilites to provide variations, color and/or structural, in your site for your widgetized content, these are: box1-8, ribbon1-8, footer and flush, flushtop & flushbottom.
  • Javascript Styling: Radios and Checkboxes
    Additional styling for form elements, such as radios and checkboxes, for visual integration.
  • IE6 Warning Message
    A dropdown panel will appear in IE6, alerting the visitor to update their browser. This can be disabled in the template parameters.
  • Content Typography
    Customised typography, such as list styles and span notices, are included with this release.
  • 60+ Widget Positions
    The theme has over 60 widget positions which are collapsible.
  • Browser Compatibility
    The theme is compatible with all the major and modern browsers: FF 3.5, Safari 4, Opera 10, IE7 & IE8. There is limited support for IE6 as it is restricted in numerous ways such as the forcing of the low detail level, LTR is automatically set regardless of RTL presence, Fusion is replaced by the Suckerfish menu, and various other elements are dropped or modified for basic compatibility.

RocketTheme Plugins

Below is a list of RocketTheme Plugins that have either been styled specifically for this theme release, or are showcased in this demo.

  • RokStories Widget
    Functional showcase widget for displaying content items and their accompanying images in an interactive and versatile manner.
  • RokNavMenu
    RokNavMenu is a foundational extension which is at the core of the inbuilt menu systems and is a requirement for the template menus to operate.